Road Runner Tech Support Might Suck

I’ve not really had any experience with Road Runner tech support, but my cousin has, and it wasn’t good…

I’ve not really had any experience with Road Runner tech support, but my cousin called me the other day and said she spent 30+ minutes on the phone with them trying to fix a connectivity issues, and they finally gave up, and told her the problem was with her computer.

But they forgot two things: She owns a Mac, and she knows me…

She said that she could get to web sites by typing in the IP address, but not the domain name. Figure it out yet? I had her open the Network Preferences, type in the DNS Servers I got from OpenDNS, and she was up and running.

I think our call lasted less that 2 minutes. Obviously I should be in the tech support business…

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Nine times out of 10, I end a call to Roadrunner tech support by demanding they send out a new modem.

That nearly always fixes the problem.

Now, Mr. Tech Support, if you ever want to have a crack and what went wrong with the php on my blog, have at you.

I almost fell on the floor laughing when your blog comment software asked for my URI, very relevant. I was offered a job @ TW on level 2 support and almost too it until I toured the floor. The questions that I heard the reps answering were mind numbing. And these people were level 2!!
I agree with Gabe that sometimes the best solution is a new modem. I have had clients where an hour of analysis showed something fundamentally askew at the ISP level. Most of the time it was an ARP problem, but after finding a tech that knew what that was and refreshing the cache took longer than sending a tech out. Bush league

Its not rr tech support per se that drives me nuts. Once you actually GET THROUGH to them, (and they bring out the new modem), they’re fine. Its the 2 hours of listening to muzak and promos and your ear hurts that dirves me nuts.

I did time on a help desk for two years. That’s enough. Never again. NEVER.

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