The folks at WITI are putting on Blog-A-Palooza…

The folks at WITI are putting on Blog-A-Palooza in Milwaukee. It’s scheduled for Wednesday January 31st, 2007, from 5PM to 9PM.

It’s a shame I can’t make it. Who knows, they might wanted to have talked to Wisconsin’s first blogger, podcaster, and videoblogger. (I’m pretty sure I hold the title for all three of those…)

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Won’t be able to get to Alterra at the Lake? Don’t sweat it. Blog from home during the time!

As a regular watcher of the Fox6 news hole (Milwaukee’s largest), I can tell you this: It seems as if a few weeks ago someone at Fox6 discovered blogs and can’t seem to shut up about it. It’s like one day someone at Fox6’s secret headquarters found a magical spigot marked “Blogs”, turned it, and the internets started pouring out! Whee! Blogs are exciting! A big part of their snowstorm coverage in early december was conducted from the “Blogocenter” or whatever they call their server room where the blogotechs work.

I’m pretty excited, actually. If they’ve finally discovered blogs, that means we’re only a few years away from them discovering podcasting.

Also, they seem to spend a good deal of time finding references to themselves on the web, so don’t be surprised if someone comments here. I got an email from Fox 6’s morning weatherman once apologizing because I took (guileless, I assure you) a pot shot at him after getting stuck in the rain on Gaia’s birthday.

It might almost be worth going to see how Altera on the Lake’s wifi holds up.

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