Gettin’ Hitched!

I’ve been looking for a trailer hitch for our 1999 Honda CR-V…

I’ve been looking for a trailer hitch for our Honda CR-V. I found a local shop that will install one for about $170, which sounds like a lot to a cheapskate like me, so I looked online…

I’ve found hitches ranging from $80 to $150. I’m not real concerned about towing weight, as we don’t plan on pulling anything, we just want to attach a 4-bike rack to haul the bikes around. (I believe we need to look at “tongue weight” which is what it can hold vertically, which should be the bikes plus the bike rack combined.)

All of the sites I’ve looked at ship the hitch to you with instructions, and say you can install it in well under an hour without drilling anything. A few have testimonials from people saying how easy it is, but I sort of feel lost… At least when researching technical stuff (computers, electronics, etc.) I have a comfort zone, but with this, I just feel like there’s a lot I don’t know. Maybe I’m over thinking it.

I’ll just have to do a bunch more research, and see if I can find people to answer some questions. The last thing I want to see is 4 bikes falling off the back of our vehicle while going 65 on the freeway.

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