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BarCampMadison: My Vegan Girlfriend

While waiting for BarCampMadison3 to start we captured this conversation between myself and my vegan girlfriend. We had quite the talk about the farmer’s market, vitamins, religion, Morrissey, and of course, Veganism.

OK, this is actually a conversation between myself and Vegan Soundboard, an iPhone app that was being controlled by Matt Gauger. We recorded it on the Zoom H2 Handy Portable Stereo Recorder.

I ended up using Convo Droid to record a number of sessions at BarCampMadison3, but I figured I’d get this out first, as it was actually recorded before the official start of the event. Also, it’s funny.

Vegan Soundboard

You’ll probably love this so much you’ll want to download an MP3. (And for our freedom loving friends, enjoy an Ogg file.)

Also, if you want to get all of the audio automagically downloaded podcasting style, subscribe to the feed. I’ll add in the BarCamp sessions as I get them edited and published.

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