New Office Setup

New Office Setup

I recently replaced my iMac with a Mac Pro, so I figured it was time to rip the entire desk apart and redo it all. I’m still not at the level of those “ultra-clean keyboard, mouse, display and nothing else” desks, but that’s OK, I don’t really want that… those are too damn clean.

So in the photo above you’ll see the Samsung 22″ display, and to the right an Apple 20″ display. I’m still not sure on the placement, and I may swap them. I’d also like to raise them up just a little bit, as I’m used to my displays being slightly higher. I’ve also moved most of the external drives and cabling underneath the desk. (There is a 7 port USB hub behind the monitors, but it’s fairly unobtrusive.)

Also, if you want to compare, here’s the details of my last desk remodel (2009), and the one before that (2008), and before that was the embarrassing cable nightmare of 2007. I’d say things are improving.

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My MacBook Pro travels with me, but when it’s on the desk it sits to the left of the keyboard and does various tasks (often playing video) and the Mac Pro is under the desk connected to the two displays. The Mac Pro’s video card (w/dual DVI) supports two displays OOTB, but then, so does the MacBook Pro, the iMac, and even the Mac mini nowadays. :)

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