Ever get the feeling you’ve been cheated?

The most amazing thing about Glee is not the music. No… it’s definitely not the music. It’s the marketing. It’s the packaging. It’s the selling. It’s the buying.

If you’re looking for a musical revolution, please don’t look at Glee. I’m pretty sure it’s not a musical revolution in even the most relaxed definition of the term.

(But what do I know about music, or about revolution… I tend to over-analyze things.)

Enjoy the show…


2 replies on “Glee”

“Musical Regurgitation” would be a good name for it… It could also be applied to American Idol or any contest/show/whatever that rewards people solely for their interpretation/performance rather than their ability to actually create/write music… I don’t want to undervalue performance, it’s an important skill, but maybe I just value artistic creation more.

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