The RasterCon Idea

Photo by Jeramey Jannene

You can blame Philip Crawford for this idea… After MadCamp he said something to the effect of “You should hold a PeteCamp… I’d be there!” So while the name isn’t set in stone yet (PeteCamp? RasterCon?) I sort of like the idea, and here it is:

An entire day of Pete.

Hmmm, how can I describe this without sounding like an egomaniac… It’s not so much about me, but about how I like to share with others.

I’ve been blogging for 14 years, I’ve dabbled in photography (panoramas, macro stuff, time lapse), audio engineering and recording (including putting out 3 albums), video (shooting and editing, including the RED ONE), building communities (underground music, web and technology), I’ve made a lot of weird things, and a few projects, helped start Web414, helped bring BarCamp to Wisconsin, I’ve got an Egg-Bot, and there’s probably more stuff I forgot about.

So here’s the idea: You get a full day of Pete. 8 hours worth. It would be limited to 20 people, and each attendee would pay $80. This works out to just $10 per hour to attend, during which I will teach you pretty much everything you’d want to know that I know. I’d probably also teach you how I make pizza, and that would be our lunch. I’d answer questions, I’d share what I know, I’d do demos, and I’d teach you how to do things. Sounds simple enough, right?

So does this sound crazy, or does it sound like something you’d sign up for? Leave a comment, and let me know…

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It sounds like a lot of fun and deeply interesting, and enough people know Pete that you could probably make a go of it. $80 might be pushing my personal budget a bit, though I admit it seems more than fair for the quality and quantity of learning on offer.

How would the day’s agenda be decided?

The agenda could be determined via a web app (or Google Moderator) so that people could vote on topics, and know ahead of time what we could cover. Obviously I’m still working out the logistics of it all.

I love the idea. I’m not much of a hacker myself, but am interested in the projects people like you do. I’m definitely interested, but the price of $80 would make me think about it. For others that are totally into the kinds of things you do, that price might be OK.

Well, $80 may be the wrong amount. Or maybe it’s a per-session price or something. If you’ve got a pricing model that you think might work, feel free to propose it. I’m certainly not trying to get rich from this, but I just want to make sure I don’t kill myself putting 100 hours into preparing materials and then end up making $5 per hour.

Philip, I can also cover branding, presentations, curating, freedom, community building, parenting, home repairs, baking, and many other topics. There’s something for everyone! :)

Yeah, I don’t think you’re out of the ballpark. Not at all. I’m not sure what the pricing model/amount should be, just trying to give a little customer feedback. $50 is a slam dunk, imo. Other people like Jason G might think $80 is totally a no-brainer. I definitely am interested in attending and I think the day could be tons of fun.

The idea is solid, you could probably categorize it into Photography, Hacking, Making and general. That would allow you to charge by the subject, and people would have a better idea what they are paying for. Price of each session individually being more than the ‘full day pass’, or price related to cost of each session.

I’m guessing the fee would include, preparation time, the sessions and some takeaway elements (guides/code) so the price would be very fair for that. Especially if you compare it to the cost of a ‘pay to attend’ photo walk, or other coaching.

$50 would be a no-brainer, but with some more detail about what people can expect, and what they can walk away with you would probably be able to go higher.

(A cheeky suggestion would be a cheap prototype for people that contributed feedback, before raising the prices and going global)

I am very interested. I’m more for the $50 price point myself, but then again if pizza and refreshments in that $80, it still might be ok. We also might need RasterCon stickers.

Overall I think the idea is great, and you do enough stuff to keep it interesting.

Could you exploit the labor of participants in some way as part of the entrance fee? Like, the entrance fee is $50 plus you work on this project for/with me? I don’t really know where I’m going with this, but I thought I would toss it into your mind and see if it catches anything on the way out.

Maybe based on this PeteCamp experience you could see what works and put on more subject-specific workshops in the future for bigger bucks?

Does Rastercon come with a free ipad? I’d front the $80 for a full day of Pete plus a free IPad….even a free iPhone.

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