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Make Blog

I’m a fan of the Make Blog, and I’m also a user of a 13″ MacBook Pro, and those two things conflict a little bit.

Just take a look at the screen shot above, it’s what I see with a maximized browser window…

Make Blog

I prefer this view, where the footer is hidden, because 98% of the time I’m on the Make site, I don’t need to know whatever the footer has to tell me, and since the footer is locked in place when you scroll, that’s 22 pixels that are always blocking the content. (On an 800 pixel high screen, even losing 22 pixels can hurt.)

I’m using Mozilla Firefox with the Stylish Plugin to do this.

And here’s the code:

@namespace url(;

@-moz-document domain("")
{ {
                display: none !important;


You can do a lot more with Stylish, as it lets you edit any CSS that gets loaded into your browser. Check out for more examples, but if you’re handy with CSS you can write your own little snippets like this for all the web sites that you’d like to improve upon in your daily browsing.

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this would have been helping when i was working corporate and had to hide my facebook chats…. i used firebug to hide everything on the page but the tiny chat window ; )

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