Still Blogging!


I guess I’m blogging less. Or more. Or something. I don’t know. I am one of those people who tell others they should blog, and I often get depressed when I see some people quit. I’ve been at this since 1997, and yeah, I’m one of those people who can’t not do it.

Jon Udell (who I’ve known online forever) and Tim Bray (who I’ve known online forever) and this Scott guy (who I’ve never heard of, but hey, he’s a blogger) have all been talking about people blogging less.

Am I blogging less? Maybe. It goes it waves. Sometimes I blog more. Sometimes I blog less. Lately I’ve been doing a lot non-web related projects (which is in contrast to a few years ago) and so I spend more time in front of physical thing being assembled instead of in front of a screen and keyboard. Some of the results can be seen on my Projects page.

As for Twitter, Facebook, and Google+, yeah, I use them all, but I’m somewhat selective. All three get my blog posts pushed out to them, and I do it manually, customizing the message to each. (I’m against the “blasting” out to other networks, as I often don’t when others do it.)

Google+ gets more of my attention, mainly because I’ve found a great community of RepRap users there, and without sounding insulting, there’s a higher level of conversation there than there is on Facebook. I still check Facebook pretty often, but don’t publish quite as much there. I’m still using Twitter, but I think I tweet a bit less than I used to. (At least with my own personal account.) Of course I also write for a few other blogs too…

In the end though, I’m not too worried about blogging less, as I’m one of those people who can’t not do it.