The Art of the Robots


The Beaver Dam Area Arts Association invited me to take part in a show titled “Beyond Your Imagination” which opens January 6, 2013 and runs through February 10, 2013.

So, you know, between the holidays, work, traveling, and other projects, I had to scramble to get Friday Night Drawbot and the Arc-O-Matic up and running again, with new code, and new parts, and create some art… with the help of robots.

So, consider yourself invited to the Seippel Homestead and Center for the Arts, 1605 North Spring Street, Beaver Dam, Wisconsin to view the show. If all goes well I will be there Sunday, January 13, 2013 for a live demonstration of the art robots.

Friday Night Drawbot

tl;dr: See robot art I created. With robots.

Update! Here’s a video of the bots in action.

Update! Here’s a photo from the show opening, courtesy of Jason Gullickson.


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Pete, I must collaborate with you one some kind of art project. I would love to either have you help me make my own robot or I can make a painting background for one of your robots to play on.

Sound like a plan?

I’d love to! I plan to dedicate more time in 2013 to creating art, and collaborating would be awesome.

Once the space is open let’s meet up there and come up with some ideas.

Count me in on this. I have “some” experience in this, hypocycloidal things… and really would like to do more. Love your work here.

Dear Pete well done for your brilliant works. Actually I have a question to ask you. I am a MSc Information Technology student in the University of Nottingham and now it is time to decide on my Project in Information Technology. My question is will I be able to build a toy robot car admitting that neither I have recent experience nor I’m a very good code writer! What I have are moderate knowledge of C Sharp/C++, 4 months and a big interest in all kinds of robots. Thanks…

Soran, the best thing about simple robots is that they are simple. :)

Start small, don’t make it too complicated, get help as you need it (in-person or online) and you should be able to come up with something.

Thanks for the prompt reply.

Okay, then can you please suggest any book, website(s) and/or Youtube Channel(s) that I might find helpful for a starter? That is of course beside your inspiring website and all its contents.

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