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I was alerted to the fact that someone created a new design based on one of my designs. The Laser Cut Case CinemaPi is based on a design I created called Raspberry Pi Case (with Camera) which you might remember from this post. (Oh, if you want more info on the Cinema Pi, see the notes here.)

But wait! It doesn’t end there…


My case is actually derived from Stacking Pi Case by CongoJoe. And CongoJoe? Not even the original creator, as he based his work on a design from Adafruit called the Adafruit Pi Box.

And Adafruit? They created the case and it’s a product they still sell, and they’ll tell you how to put it together. (And yes, they do have a newer, cheaper version if you just want a Pi case.)

Adafruit is just plain awesome, of course. They know that it’s not just about selling products, but about sharing information, teaching, spreading knowledge, and inspiring people. They get it.

This… this is the kind of world I want to live in.

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Hey I’m the person who turned your design (and all those before you) into the CinemaPi box. Glad to see this post. Hey I want to actually make a 3d version in reality at a friends laser cutting place where he offered to make a few for fun.

I’d mail you a box if you could help me make the illustrator file the laser cutting place needs. Sadly I did my modification of your work in photo shop rather than illustrator and I lake the illustrator skills to convert it to a vectorized image.

And then we could post to the thingiverse page for others to download too.

What do you say?

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