Sleep Report for August 2021

CPAP usage data via OSCAR to track my CPAP usage…

I’m filing this month’s report a bit early. I had to mail in my SD card so my medical provide could examine it. (I guess they don’t read my blog.) I put in a card of my own and the first two nights I used my CPAP it reported 19 hours of sleep and 11 hours of sleep. Those don’t seem to show up here, which is good. And no, I did not sleep that many hours.

Overall the numbers for August were pretty good. Not quite as good as May, but better than June or July. (See May through August below.) I am still tired every day, but that’s just life I guess. I learned that my mom is going to do a sleep test as well, which reminded me of how bad things were before I had the CPAP. So even though I don’t get 8 hours of sleep, it used to be much worse. It’s all perspective, I guess. Good Night!