Sleep Report for 2023

I’m still tired but not as tired so I guess that’s good…

I never filed my sleep report for 2022 but since I’ve got my “CPAP Compliance Officer” appointment this week I figured I would pull the data from my SD card, run it through OSCAR, the Open Source CPAP Analysis Reporter, and show you 2023 so far.

Besides the first quarter of the year when I was sick a lot, including COVID, I feel like I slept pretty well. Sure, there are some insomnia nights in there (red lines) and some missing nights due to being sick and just unable to sleep wearing a damn mask on my face (and one due to an international overnight flight) but overall, I feel pretty good most mornings in comparison to 2020/2021.

In other news, my CPAP has shown a warning about imminent motor failure for the past 5+ months and my insurance company has so far not been able to get a replacement or repair. Supposedly things are “backed up” or something, so I don’t know… might die in my sleep soon. Hopefully not, I still have a lot to do!

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can you start a gofund me for the CPAP? I can imagine living in fear like that is uncomfortable! Hoping you get peaceful sleep (literally!) ASAP!

Thanks Caitlin! I’m going to appeal the decision and see what happens. I also imagine that if it completely dies it will get replaced. (But who knows how long that could take!?)

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