Citizen Blogging Summit

Somehow I got roped into participating in this Citizen Blogging Summit (or “Citizen Blogger Summit”) which is taking place Friday, June 15th, 2007.

Citizen Blogger Summit

Maybe Newsradio 620 WTMJ will learn a little about blogging, you know, things like permalinks, or even linking to the bloggers you invite, instead of just putting their domain in plain text.

I’m really not sure what to expect. Mike Rohde and I are on the 2:25-3:10 Panel, Beyond Politics, Beyond Milwaukee. I’m guessing we are the ‘tech bloggers’ or maybe the token ‘non-political’ bloggers. Anyway, I’ll just prepare for this the same way I prepare for BarCamp or Web414 presentations, wait until the last minute, attempt to do nothing, then embrace the chaos.

The event is free, and includes lunch (which I will miss since I can’t be there all day) and I’m reasonably sure it will be interesting. I’m also reasonably sure I’ll be the person there who has been blogging for the longest time, unless Dave Winer shows up. :)



The folks at WITI are putting on Blog-A-Palooza in Milwaukee. It’s scheduled for Wednesday January 31st, 2007, from 5PM to 9PM.

It’s a shame I can’t make it. Who knows, they might wanted to have talked to Wisconsin’s first blogger, podcaster, and videoblogger. (I’m pretty sure I hold the title for all three of those…)



I’ve been testing out the service over at RasterWP.

First impressions… Nice, but that’s not surprising, WordPress itself is very nice. It’s Ajaxy for sure. It seems aimed more towards the newbie users, nothing wrong with that, just making an observation.

I’ve had problems with the “visual rich editor” so far, but that is to some degree me trying to break it, which I did. Anyway, I’ll test some more if I get a chance. Results will be over there, and I’ll try to add a summary over here.



Oh sure, I thought perhaps Spatulacasting would be the Cool New Thing, but now it looks like Speedvlogging is going to be it

Well, those wacky videoblogging fools at We Are The Media did a Speedvlogging Challenge!

The results:

I like the speedvlogging idea because over time, as you create something (be it text, audio, or video) I think you sometimes tend to become too critical of your own work, and almost hesitant to put it out there, perhaps for worry that it doesn’t live up to your previous work, or some level of standard you’ve set for yourself. The important thing though, is to keep creating. Stay creative and productive in your work! If something doesn’t turn out exactly how you wanted it to, that’s ok, move on to the next idea. Isn’t there a saying about ideas being useless, because it’s all in the execution of those ideas?


Google BS?

Hooray! Google Blog Search!

I am searching for Oconomowoc

Results of Google Blog Search

Hey, a related blog! It’s a Blogspot blog…

Oh, another spamblog… :(