Yahoo! Buys! Again!

Yahoo! loves buying things!

Yahoo! loves buying things! They just bought!

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(I swear I’ve gotta work harder at making Yahoo! buy me.)

I mean, they let go to crap, but otherwise, things seem pretty good. I just get worried about Yahoo! owning everything. Unless they buy me. The only thing that will ease my worries is if Yahoo! buys me, then I just won’t care anymore….

6 replies on “Yahoo! Buys! Again!”

mm not sure how I feel about that.. Have not been an avid Yahoo user for many years. Strategically, I guess this puts them in the running for Google traffic.. Would not be suprised if Google did not hook something into their image directory if they have not already…

I really liked your comments here. I hope you’re going to update your site soon.

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