Google Reader Dies, RSS Lives!


Google Reader is dead, long live RSS!

I have a history with RSS, writing my first aggregator around 2000 (yes, in Perl) and over the years I got involved with RSS, aggregators, podcasting, videoblogging, and other things that all relied on RSS.

The real excitement for me in the area of aggregation development started in 2004 when Mr. Genehack suggested I look at FEED ON FEEDS. I did, and what followed was FEED ON FEEDS ala Bloglines, Feed on Feeds Unread List, More Aggregator Madness, Yet More Aggregator Madness and lots of time put into development of an RSS aggregator that fit my needs. I really enjoyed exploring new ideas and getting the functionality I wanted. (Mostly)

I wasn’t being paid to work on all this, it was just my “free time” project, and like all “free time” projects, the free time goes away and you work on other things. So it goes…

Eventually I moved to Google Reader and over time I got to love it. Like many, I use it daily. Daily. Multiple time per day. A lot. Back when Feed on Feeds was on my own server I’d use it at home on my computer, and at work on my computer. This was back in the days when people might have one computer, and use a desktop aggregator client. Some even had an “offline” mode, which was important back then because sometimes you were offline. (!?)

In recent years it’s become common to use Google Reader (with one of the many, many apps that used its back-end) on your phone, table, laptop, desktop, etc. I regularly used Reeder on my iPhone and iPad, and Google Reader via a browser on the 3 Macs I use each day. It worked, and I loved it.

Google is killing reader, and I’m not pleased. I could go back to hacking up my own code to build an aggregator, but I’m not excited about it anymore, and I’m out of practice with coding lately. It’s not something I want to do anymore. Google, I would probably pay for Reader. Others have said this as well. I’m sure this won’t change things, and it’ll still be killed (though I hope I’m wrong.)

So tell me Google Reader fanatics, what will you do?


Thanks, Steve…

Steve Jobs
Image by Tsevis

I can’t imagine a world without the innovation Steve Jobs brought to it.

The first Apple product I used was an Apple ][+, which was purchased by my brother (also named Steve) in 1980 (or perhaps 1979, and probably with a little bit of help from our parents.) I fell in love with it. I wrote BASIC programs, and I saved them to cassette tapes, and I created LORES and HIRES graphics, and eventually we got a mouse for it, and I used MousePaint to do some pretty awesome mid-1980s computer graphics.

When I was in college, I got my first Mac, an Apple Macintosh IIvx, and I used the hell out of it. I designed things, did page layouts, created graphics, edited photos, and learned all the tricks of the operating system. Like my brother, instead of buying a car, or taking a trip, I got a computer… and all of that was probably more influential to my career path and what I do today than anything else.

I fell in love with computers and technology because of Steve Jobs, and I would not be what I am today without his contributions to the world.

Thanks Steve, you will be missed by many.