Flickr Stuff…

I noticed a while back that my Flickr Date Search script stopped working… Well, it worked, but not quite right… Time to fix it.

Want to see all photos matching “barcampmilwaukee” uploaded between 2006-09-29 and 2006-10-03?

Here’s a sample of what the output might look like…

BarCampMilwaukee photos

I need to do more with the Flickr API, it’s definitely a cool thing…


Sites, Live, Without…

Michael at TechCrunch talks about sites he loves/lives by, so I thought I’d respond with my thoughts on each one…

  • Bloglines – Years ago I loved Bloglines, but eventually moved to a hacked-up version of Feed on Feeds running on my own server. I don’t have all of Bloglines features, but I’m in control of it.
  • – I still post to, but thanks to Scuttle and some hacking, I mirror it all in case anything happens.
  • FeedBurner – I don’t use it for any of my feeds, but I can see how it’s useful for many people.
  • Flickr – This is definitely on my list of favorite/most used sites. I love them Flickr folks…
  • Measuremap – I don’t use it. I still use Analog.
  • Memeorandum – I don’t use it.
  • Netvibes – I don’t use it.
  • Omnidrive – I don’t use it.
  • Pandora – I don’t use it.
  • Skype – I don’t use Skype. I don’t like Skype. I do use IM though, AIM because I’m forced to, and Jabber, I mean XMPP because I want to…
  • Technorati – I use it occasionally…
  • WordPress – WordPress is at the top of the list. A well written and supported GPL’d weblogging package. Of course I run it on my own server…
  • Yahoo Maps – I use it sometimes, other times I use Google Maps. Double True!

For a lot of these sites/services, if I can be in control, and run them (or something similar) on my own server, I will. None the less, it’s an interesting list…


Yahoo! Buys! Again!

Yahoo! loves buying things! They just bought!

See also: Upcoming is Yahoo!, Flickr Buys Yahoo!, and Oh No! for sale!?

(I swear I’ve gotta work harder at making Yahoo! buy me.)

I mean, they let go to crap, but otherwise, things seem pretty good. I just get worried about Yahoo! owning everything. Unless they buy me. The only thing that will ease my worries is if Yahoo! buys me, then I just won’t care anymore….


Fear of an Aggregated Planet

Let’s mix it up a little… Perl, Python, HTML-TemplateAtom, RSS… Words, Photos, Links, and Objects of Desire…

Say what?

Say Planet Planet!

Or say Planet RasterWeb!

There are billions and billions of planets out there, well, ok dozens maybe. (Heck, there’s even a WordPress Planet.) the one that was the tipping point for me was Planet Burningbird, which is explained in It’s the Oddest Thing.

After seeing Planet Burningbird, I said “Heck, let’s do it!”

The Planet website has no real documentation and very little explaining things. (True geek software, eh?) I downloaded whatever version I could from whatever link I found, and took a look. Python. I mean, I completely gave up on Python earlier this year, but, well, OK. We’ll give it a try…

Now, on Mac OS X I did have a hiccup or two. Searching…. Ok, this post about Mac OS X fixed things. After that it was on to templating. Ah! HTML-Template, but done in Python. (Gosh, where have we heard about HTML-Template before?)

So templating was fairly simple, since I knew the tags. What’s next? Feeds! Yes, we need some feeds… I grabbed my own feed from this site, as well as my feeds from and Flickr and… Is that it? Hmmm, I need more feeds. Luckily I had been experimenting with a Perl module named WWW::Amazon::Wishlist to create an RSS feed of my Amazon Wish List. Of course some of the stuff on my wish list was from the year 2000, so I had to update it. (Honestly I don’t expect anyone to ever actually buy me a gift, but you know, if you want to, the option is there… hint, hint. Aw, who am I kidding? I can barely get feedback on the stuff I do here…)

So where was I?

Ah yes, Feed the Planet, yes… Oh, PubSub! I got two feeds there! One for sites that link to RasterWeb! and one for sites that “mention” RasterWeb!. You’d think if they mention it, they’d link to it, but they seem to have different results. So in theory now, if you link to this site, you should show up on the planet. (This might go sour in the future, we’ll see…)

Is there more? Sure! Though Planet doesn’t seem to handle enclosures in any way, we also have RasterWeb! Audio, which is one of those “podcasting” things we started back in August before podcasting even had a name…

Ok, so that’s the lowdown on the planet. It’s seems to have been released under the same license as Python, and a quick check with the Open-Source Initiative’s Licenses says it’s open-source. (I think.)

Any problems? Well, it doesn’t quite validate. I mean, all the feeds I have control over seem to validate fine, but the Planet page itself doesn’t, partly due to the foreign content from the PubSub feed, and maybe because of Planet doing something silly as well.

So that’s my combination of Perl, Python, HTML-Template, Atom, RSS,, Flickr, PubSub, and other things I won’t mention again. Enjoy!